This is a demonstration of how easily the PPP Online Number Plate Designer can be plugged into a website.
Clicking PLATE DESIGNER brings the designer into view. All of the aspects within the designer can be tailored to suit your specific requirements: colours, graphics, plate sizes, fonts, badges, in fact anything you require to make the designer your own.
Go ahead and try it or click DEMO to see it in action.
The plug-in brings all the features of a number plate designer, sales via PayPal, order processing, printing of the plates and dispatch note.
The plug-in saves thousands of pounds in development costs and brings all the skill and knowledge PPP has with number plates.
There are many ways to incorporate the builder into a website, including the design layout of the builder.
PPP Systems Limited can build the plug-in to your website or the whole website. This page is here to show functionality.
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