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We are a software developer offering a range of stand alone and networked design and print solutions. We have some standard off the shelf products and offer a bespoke service to suit any need.
Off the shelf software products include:
UK vehicle number plates.
Temporary (Chapter 7) Road Traffic Signs.
Bespoke software products include:
Development of unique fonts where specialised characters are required, particularly for use online.
Website development including full shopping features.
Quality Printing
We use a unique design method that delivers high quality vectored files for printing to high end digital, laser or thermal printers.
UK Vehicle Registration Plates
Number Plate Software
Video of the software in action
Our number plate software is available:
Stand Alone supplied on a computer with screen, keyboard and mouse. Perfect for a market or shop front.
There is no annual licence, no records are kept of plates made and you can buy components from wherever you want. From £595 +VAT
Network supplied on a computer that connects into a local network. Best for situations where there are multiple users with no internet required.
There is no annual licence, no records are kept of plates made and you can buy components from wherever you want. From £450 +VAT
Online Subscription as previous. From £2.40+VAT per week (52 week subscription) great price to get started.
Online sales and order processing:
  1. Website Plugin to permit the design and purchase of number plates online. Full sales and basketing system that plugs into your existing website. From £995.
  2. Order Processing receive orders into a backend portal where you can use the OneClickPrint to process orders. From £10 per week.
Number Plate Hardware
Typically a system will have either a laser (mono/colour) or a thermal transfer printer. The VRM (Vehicle Registration Number) is printed to either clear film or reflective that is white or yellow.
The film is either laid onto ABS, with white or yellow reflective attached to it, or the printed reflective is attached to clear acrylic. A jig and roller is used to press the components together.
Below is an OKI C532 colour printer and a jig and roller.
OkiC532 Laser Printer Economy Jig & Roller
Prices vary on the hardware, please call or email for current stock and pricing.
Temporary (Chapter 7) Road Traffic Signs
Perfect for temporary sign makers or event management companies.
Accurate direction or information signs, that comply with UK legislation, are quickly and easily created, without needing to use expensive staff.
Sign schedules can be created on multiple devices in multiple locations.
Although this software offers an initial entry point with some standard sign options, it is designed as a bespoke product that fits your exact sign needs.
Prices start from £10 per week.
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